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4ARTechnologies launches its unique NFT+ marketplace for physical and digital artworks with next generation features


To provide authenticity during trading and full security like nowhere else, all users are required to be KYC (bank-customary standard) authenticated. The NFT+ standard introduces much needed security enhancements with an included on-chain legal rights document, providing collectors with unparalleled protection of their copyrights against possible forgeries.

4ARTechnologies has made its secure and curated NFT+ marketplace available to all creators and collectors. It combines next generation features, such as enhanced NFT security, multi-chain support, and the ability to create, sell and purchase NFT+ without cryptocurrencies or an existing wallet. The exhibited NFTs are topped by exclusive and curated high-quality drops of internationally renowned artists, which have been met with great interest from investors and collectors.

For the first time, users can choose from a variety of blockchain protocols for their NFT+ minting, including Ethereum, Tezos, Binance Smart Chain or Palm (which previously supported the NFT drop by Damian Hirst) and ecological and low-cost alternatives. Solana and Polygon will also be available soon. Thanks to 4ARTechnologies patented digital fingerprint and the application of forensic watermarking, NFT+ can be minted for physical and digital artworks.

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